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Our guide to choosing a Chartered Surveyor in London


Are you buying a property in London? Do you require a Red Book Valuation? Do you have a party wall and need advice? A Chartered Surveyor plays an important role in most property matters and we have prepared a simple guide on the types of services we can offer and some important considerations when choosing a Chartered Surveyor.

The basics

A Chartered Surveyor is a Property Professional who plays an important role in a multitude of matters.

All practising Chartered Surveyors must be qualified and are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Most companies will display the RICS logo or you might see the words MRICS or FRICS after a Chartered Surveyors name. You can search for a Chartered Surveyor in London via the RICS website.

What do you want?

Chartered Surveyors offer a range of professional services. For example you might be looking to extend the lease on your flat and require a Chartered Surveyor in London to assist on the lease renewal process and adjuring the correct premium payable and negotiations. You may require a building survey or homebuyers report if you are purchasing a property and have any concerns; or you might be thinking of excavating your basement and require assistance from a Chartered Surveyor on party wall matters.   Other services can include valuations, rent reviews, rating appeals, enfranchisement, project management, schedules of dilapidations amongst other services!

Chartered Surveyors generally specialise in certain disciplines or services. It is therefore important to find a Chartered Surveyor in London with specialist experience and a reputation in the service you require.

Shop around

Before instructing a Chartered Surveyor in London, we recommend obtaining some quotes first.   You are then able to compare and contrast between companies and spot any areas that need clarifying.   Talk to the Chartered Surveyor about their experience and knowledge. Do they have any experience in your type of property?

Davis Brown is one of the longest standing independent property consultants in Fitzrovia and with over 150 years combined experience; we believe we offer our clients a valuable and professional service. Our surveyors are regulated by the RICS and we take great pride in being part of this professional organisation.

Should you wish to get in touch, please contact us on 020 7637 1066.

Choosing a Commercial Property Agent in London


Are you looking to acquire new offices? Purchase a freehold building? Or are you thinking of letting or selling your commercial premises?  Davis Brown is a firm of Commercial Property Agents in London and we have written some simple guidelines for choosing a commercial property agent to deliver good professional advice.

Buying, selling and letting commercial property in London takes a lot of time, work and knowledge. Obtaining specialist advice from a Commercial Property Agent is of the utmost importance to ensure your requirements are taken care of in a professional manor.  Commercial Property is an important aspect of any business so ensuring your commercial property affairs are handled with professional care and due diligence is key.  Here’s how to get straight to the best Commercial Property Agents in London.

Ask for recommendations

If you are looking for a Commercial Property Agent in London you should first obtain recommendations.  There are often there are a few names that will immediately stand out and this can help you narrow your search.  Don’t be afraid to phone your preferred Commercial Agent and ask them for their customer testimonials – this will give you a much clearer idea of the quality of the service that they offer.

Look online

Most commercial agents in London will have an informative and impressive website detailing their services and their history in the industry. Look at reviews on the company you are interested in. There is a wealth of information available online, including guide prices for particular services, so it’s worth undertaking some research before going any further.

Get some quotes

Before giving your custom to any one of the commercial agents in London, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes first. This way you can compare and contrast and spot any areas that need further clarification. Once you have some quotes that you are happy with, you can decide on the commercial property agent that you feel confident to deliver the professional service you require

Davis Brown are highly respected commercial agents in London.  With years of knowledge and experience you can be confident that we will deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.  Visit our website to find out more about what they do and the services that they offer. Alternatively call David Green, our Head of Commercial Property, to discuss your requirements.

Turning your home into a property ready for rental

Renting out your home is a brave move for anyone, especially in central London. However, to make the transition from home to rental property a little easier, Davis Brown Estate Agents W1 has created a step-by-step guide.


If applicable, first and foremost you must obtain consent from your mortgage provider. It is usually one of the conditions of your mortgage that you apply for permission to sub-let the property.

Leasehold or freehold?

If you own the property on a “leasehold” or “share of freehold” basis you will also need to gain consent from the management company and the superior landlord to let your property out. It is essential to check the terms of your head lease prior before letting your property. Davis Brown offer property management services for residential landlords so we can ensure that consent is gained before you let your property. Speak to one of our Property Managers to find out more.


You will also need to inform your insurance provider (building and contents) as it is essential that you maintain full cover during the period that you are letting out the property. Your provider may also wish to make alterations in order to cover a third party residing at the property.


Take a good look at the condition of the building, interior and exterior. These things must be taken into consideration before letting out your property, and it is essential to have any necessary work done before moving a tenant in. Davis Brown Chartered Surveyors London can provide a full survey of your property and organise any works that need doing.


How is energy provided to the property? Is there gas in the building? A legal requirement of advertising and letting your property is provision of an Energy Performance Certificate and a Gas Safety Certificate (where applicable). These must be undertaken by qualified and registered engineers. You may also want to check when your boiler was last serviced along with the radiators and other basic utilities. Davis Brown Estate Agents W1 can organise Energy Performance Certificates and Gas Safety Certificates and help with making sure you are complying with regulations.

Décor and Furnishings

Once you have the legalities sorted, you can decide how you want to present your property. Will you let it furnished or un-furnished? Can you make use of any previously wasted space to create an extra bedroom? Is the kitchen up to date and in good condition? Applicants prefer new, modern fittings and neutral tones such as white or light grey. Davis Brown Estate Agents Fitzrovia has an in house design team who can help you with all aspects of the interior of your property.

Now that your property is ready for rental, take a look at Davis Brown’s Landlord Guide for more information about letting your property with us.

What to Consider Before Talking to Commercial Agents in London

London View

Buying commercial property is always something you should be careful about, but you should be especially wary when buying commercial property somewhere such as London. Here are some tips on what to consider before making the next move of talking to commercial agents in London.

Carefully Consider Location
When considering buying commercial property you should consider the location very carefully before talking to commercial agents in London. If you pay a lot of money for property that is in the best area now, the case might be very different in years to come and you might waste your money. The reverse is obviously also true. Rather than choosing somewhere ‘in’ but unpredictable, it might be better to choose an area that is generally good but not risk massive loss. Similarly, you may also find that your budget doesn’t cover certain areas and in this case you should always go for something within your budget, rather than risk your financial stability.

Carefully Consider Costs
Another thing to consider before talking to commercial agents in London is the general costs of buying property, including deposits and any legal costs. Evidently it is expensive to buy commercial property, so you should ensure that you are not spending money that you might need if business slows. On the one hand, you will have property that you can sell. But you may also find that you have to sell the property for less than you bought it for and thus lose out.

Including Unexpected Costs
Similarly, you also need to consider unexpected costs associated with buying property – and these often depend on what you are buying the property for. If you are buying the property to rent out to people then you need to consider how you will cope if renters stop paying. Can you afford to cover costs if tenants don’t pay? Can you afford legal costs to chase these payments? If you are starting a business then you also need to evaluate the potential success or failure of the business – it’s generally not the best of ideas to buy property for a business that has not yet shown any success. Other costs, such as building repairs and commercial property tax, can also creep up on you so it is important that you consider this too.

For more information and to talk to commercial agents in London visit Davis Brown.

Estate Agents in Fitzrovia: Should You Rent or Buy?

Fitzrovia Estate Agents - Rent or Buy

When you’re looking for a property in London, you may want to enlist the services of estate agents in Fitzrovia. However, before you do this it might prove beneficial to consider whether you want to buy or rent property first. There are, of course, benefits and drawbacks to both, so it is important to carefully consider what exactly it is that you need.

Renting property is, of course, preferable to buying property if you are only going to live in the area for a short period of time. Even if you are unsure of how long you will be in the area for, it is still wise to rent. However, people with small budgets also find it preferable to rent property as they would struggle to pay a mortgage. Other costs, such as a deposit, are often significantly less when you rent so it is often more feasible financially than buying property.

When buying property there are a number of things you need to consider. First of all, you need to be sure that you will stay in the area for long enough for it to be reasonable to have a mortgage. Although most mortgages are portable, there may be complications or fees if you want to move home again. You also need to be sure that you can afford the mortgage. Although your bank will assess you before they give you a loan, there are some other things worth considering like the likelihood of you having children. The house you can afford now might not be so affordable with a few children to pay for too. That being said, if you can afford the deposit and the mortgage, and you’re not planning on moving house again anytime soon, then buying is often the better option and what you should discuss with estate agents in Fitzrovia. Evidently, when you rent property you are paying to live somewhere but never get anything else in return. When you buy property, however, you also own the property at the end of the payments.

Whether to rent or buy is also important to consider in when it comes to decorating and pets. Lots of landlords are strict when it comes to decorating, as they will have to rent it to someone else if you move on. Any extravagant colours or themes, therefore, are often frowned upon or banned by landlords. Similarly, lots of landlords won’t allow pets in their property for fear of noisiness and damage. So if you plan on having animals in your home it may also be beneficial to consider buying when discussing your options with estate agents in Fitzrovia.

For more information about commercial and residential property to rent or buy in Fitzrovia, visit Davis Brown today.