Get Fit in Fitzrovia!

Get Fit in Fitzrovia!

These 4 years have flown by since our fabulous city of London hosted the 2012 Olympics, and here we are again on the eve of the 2016 Olympics – this time with Rio being the hosts. The opening ceremony starts late tonight with the first races being held tomorrow. Now, if you are feeling inspired and want to take the first step to a new healthy you, I’ve found a few places to help you get fit in Fitzrovia! There are plenty to choose from so get up out of that office chair and get moving! Firstly you’ll need to get yourself kitted out and Runners Need on Great Portland Street is just the ticket! A useful shop where they will help you find the best sports clothing and equipment and even analyse your gait while running to help you find the best sports shoe.

Now for the tough stuff! Let’s start with Psycle on Mortimer Street, apart from having a clever name the trainers here will get those adductors toned in no time! Spin classes with an eclectic mix of energetic music to keep you motivated. Sohot Bikramyoga on Clipstone Street, get ready to feel the heat, sweat profusely and don’t forget your towel (very important Bikram etiquette!). Good Vibes on Tottenham Street – you have everything under one roof here including yoga, power plates, spin, personal training, and if you’re feeling like a bit of pampering they also offer alternative therapies and massage. Pure Gym on Great Portland Street offers a no frills experience and the bonus here is you can pay as you go, plus they offer free classes each and every week! Then we have Studio on Mortimer Street; they have all sorts of classes from Pilates to ballet.

Part of getting healthy is eating well so if you’re feeling hungry after your workout but don’t want to undo all the good work you’ve just done, you could pop upstairs from Studio to the Detox Kitchen (a firm favourite of ours here at Davis Brown Estate Agents) and grab yourself a delicious nutritious meal and feel smug in the fact that it will be doing your body the world of good! Other establishments to grab a healthy bite are Maple and Fitz in Berners Street where you will find an abundance of superfood salads and delicious fresh juices, Crussh on Rathbone Place, and if you fancy giving meat a miss why not try the new Veggie Pret on Broadwick Street?


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