It’s all about kerb appeal!

Everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover…but we all do – and in this case it could make all the difference!  As Estate Agents in W1, as soon as we approach a property we can see our buyers starting to make their initial judgements.  Is the outside clean and tidy?  Are the windows in good condition?  Does the building look secure?  Whether it’s for sale or to let, the ‘kerb appeal’ of your property is crucially important – first impressions do count!  As estate agents with years of experience pounding the streets, viewing many a property, we thought we would give you our top tips for giving your property that “wow” factor from the off.

From the moment buyers set eyes on a property, they may be asking themselves Is it structurally sound?  Is it well maintained?   Is it going to cost me a fortune to renovate?  Regardless of the size of your property, a manicured exterior gives the impression of a careful homeowner – and if the buyer believes you have looked after your property they are going to be more confident in you and your home.  There are a few easy ways to instantly freshen up the exterior.

  1. Take five minutes to look at the exterior of your property. How does it look – is the guttering in good order?  If your budget allows a repaint of the windows and downpipes give an instant refresh.   But what if you’re in a flat and this is not possible?  Give the windows a good clean, and ensure that the panes are sparkling.
  1. Make use of what you’ve got! Regardless of size, if you have outside space, make sure you are using it to its maximum.   Start by removing any clutter and weeds.  Once tidy, plant up a couple of tubs with bright coloured flowers and arrange them around the front door.   If you have a balcony, why not use a couple of window boxes to add a bit of flora and fauna?  Ikea has great ideas for adding colours and quirks to small outside areas.
  1. It’s important outside as well as in. Especially in the shorter, winter days – lighting outside is a must.  A welcoming light outside the front door is always a nice touch as no-one likes standing around in the dark!
  1. The front door. We see the front door of our homes so much that we probably don’t notice that it may be looking a little forlorn!  Is the number or name intact and clearly visible?  Does the paintwork look a little tired?  Sanding down the front door and repainting it is a great way to freshen up your property’s look.  Choosing a bright coloured paint or quirky lettering or numbers will make your property stand out and help to differentiate it from the others.   People always remember something a little unusual.
  1. Lastly, is the property secure? A sure-fire way for a potential vendor/tenant to be assured that it is would be if they saw two good quality locks in the front door!  That said – make sure you don’t go overboard otherwise you’ll leave the potential buyer/renter wondering why there’s a need for such extensive security!   Your local hardware store will be able to advise you on all things locks!


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