Maintaining Your Home

All estate agents know that tenants and buyers alike can’t wait to get their mitts on the keys to their new abode and start making a property a home!  Whether it’s a full refurbishment project or a case of putting your own furniture in, moving is exciting but exhausting – once the slog of moving is over, the temptation is to put your feet up and enjoy your property – which of course, you must!   However, it’s important to go back and check over your property regularly to ensure that your home is maintained.  And as a property management company and estate agents in W1, we know the key things to keep an eye on, and the easiest way to keep your home looking its best.

I.            Keep the place clean! Needless to say that you should aim to have a good clean of your property at least once a week – staying on top of it keeps it smelling fresh and looking smart, but it will also keep unwanted intruders such as ants and mice at bay.  Apparently though, if you want to have a clean and tidy home, you need to allow sage to grow in your garden (but that’s only if you believe in Old Wives’ Tales…)

II.           Move your furniture around – items left in the same spot can leave marks on the floor and the carpet; an easy way to avoid this is to have a shuffle around once or twice a year.  Plus you’re giving your home a fresh, new look!

III.          Keep on top of your paintwork.  Scuffed the paint? Give it a gentle wipe with a damp cloth! Looking after your walls and gloss work is vital to maintaining the appearance of your property – real no-no’s include dragging items along the wall and touching the walls with dirty hands (difficult with small children – we know!).  It may sound picky, but looking after your walls will keep your property looking newer for longer and keep the costs down in the long run.

IV.         Regularly air your property.  If the weather’s nice, open those doors and windows! Letting the air circulate for a good few hours dries out any damp areas, whilst bringing some freshness into your home.

V.           Don’t forget about those rarely seen or used areas.  Under the sofa… behind the radiators… the back corner of the spare room… keep an eye on parts of your home that aren’t always in use, plus I have never not found money under the sofa!  Dust and mould can quickly grow in areas that are sparsely used, whilst cracks and damp need to be kept an eye on – if you have areas of your home which you don’t always use, check on them a couple of times a month just to be safe. 

So there we have it, maintaining your home is an easy and relatively stress free way to keep your property looking in good nick for longer – small things build up over time and so little and often is the best way forward.  The most important thing to remember is that if you look after your property, it will look after you!

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