20 Iconic Locations in Fitzrovia & Soho

Being Estate Agents in fabulous Fitzrovia, we know the best places to go to eat, drink, be merry & to simply just enjoy the often-unexplored delights this neighbourhood has to offer.  As my mother always said to me “When you walk, look up or you’ll miss so much”, and she was spot on, so with that in mind Emma and Hannah took to the streets in the morning sunshine with their cameras (iPhones) with the purpose of showing you the weird & wonderful in our local streets which you might have never known were there.  Here’s what we found…

1  C O L V I L L E  P L A C E

Colville Place is a paved court connecting Charlotte Street with Whitfield Street. It was planned as a double row of modest dwellings, three storeys in height in stock brick with a plain parapet masking the roofs. Each house had two sash windows on the first and second floors, and the entrance door, with rectangular fanlight, and one window on the ground floor.  An old lamp stands in the centre line where the sloping pavement from each side met.  It was named after John Colville – a carpenter who helped to build it.

Colville Place

2  L E A F  L O V E R – G R E A T  T I T C H F I E L D S T R E E T

Emma eyeing up the blooms on show at this new addition to the area.

Leaf Lover (florist - its just opened) - Great Titchfield Street

3  S A N D E R S O N  H O T E L – B E R N E R S  S T R E E T

I get the feeling, somebody’s watching me….  Soft yet sophisticated with a twist of surprise.

Sanderson Hotel

4  N E W M A N P A S S A G E

This narrow alleyway links Newman & Rathbone Streets.  Dripping with Victorian atmosphere you’d expect Sherlock Holmes to pop around the corner!

Newman Passage

5  C H A R L O T T E  S T R E E T  H O T E L

Charming & quintessentially British, looking resplendent with the addition of Bloomsbury Flowers London, spreading their flowery love!

Charlotte Street Hotel

6  F I T Z R O Y S Q U A R E & B T  T O W E R

Fitzroy Square was originally part of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area,  over the years it has become associated with high-end, bohemian residents, many of which have had prominent careers in the Arts, Virginia Woolf to name but one.

So much adoration for the BT Tower!  But there didn’t used to be … back in the day when it was built (1965) Fitzrovia was a haven for both artists and aristocrats & the BT Tower was met with harsh criticism as it was thought it’s design wasn’t compatible with the areas, The critics of the tower in the 60s have since reversed their opinion, calling it a “building of merit”.

Fitzroy Sq

7  T H E  A T T E N D A N T – F O L E Y S T R E E T

Is she popping down for a coffee, or to spend a penny?!

Foley Street - Fitzrovia's mini village

8  T H E F I T Z R O V I A  M U R A L – W H I T F I E L D  G A R D E N S

A historic mural painted in 1980, the mural depicts various unnamed characters of Fitzrovia, the top half painted by Mick Jones (son of trade union leader Jack Jones), and the bottom half by Simon Barber.

Whitfield Gardens (looked up on google for more info)

9  P E A R S O N  S Q U A R E

This square was named after the Victorian architect John Loughborough Pearson, who designed the site of the Middlesex Hospital which first opened in 1745.  The hospital is no longer there, but instead there is a modern – some might say Brutalist, development in its place.

Pearson Square (brutalist architecture)PL

10  F I T Z R O V I A  C H A P E L

This exquisite piece of architecture was part of the Middlesex Hospital and stands in Pearson Square.  A space offering an oasis of tranquillity, peace & calm, and is open from 11am to 4pm every Wednesday.

The Fitzrovia Chapet


11  M E A R D  S T R E E T

Meard Street

Reputed to have been a street where ladies of the night worked in times gone by….

12   G A Y – O L D C O M P T O N  S T R E E T


Soho has a huge LGBT community and this nightclub is world famous.

13   T H E  Y A R D

The Yard - Colour

Soho’s most unique gay venue! It has a very pretty garden, tucked away in Rupert Street.

14   L I N A  S T O R E S

Lina Stores

This iconic family-run delicatessen is piled high with delicious home made pasta, cheese, cured meats & groceries.  Got your taste buds tingling?  You’ll find it on Brewer Street!

15   S O H O   S Q U A R E

Soho Sq

An oasis in the middle of Soho, just behind Oxford Street.  Have you ever wondered what’s inside the Tudor-style hut?  An urban myth claims it’s the entrance to a secret tunnel which leads to Buckingham Palace.  We can neither confirm or deny….

16   S O H O  H O T E L

Soho Hotel

Tucked away in Richmond Mews, this hotel is a great place to people watch (or celebrity spot), an very funky bar, with a library room and sometimes a cinema.

17   F I T Z R O Y  T A V E R N – C H A R L O T T E  S T R E E T

The Fitzroy Tavern

It would be hard to cover Fitzrovia without including it’s most famous pub.  This pub has been a haunt for many a London luminary over the years including Augustus John, Jacob Epstein & the famous occultist Aleister Crowley.

18   W A R R E N  M E W S


The beautiful cobbled Warren Mews – hidden away off Warren Street, you wouldn’t think you were in central London!

19   B E R W I C K  S T R E E T M A R K E T


Street trading in Berwick Street started around the late 1770s, but wasn’t officially recognised as a market until 1892.  As you can see it’s still as popular as ever (had a lovely, juicy watermelon there this afternoon!).

20   T H E G R E E N  D O O R – 1 M A R G A R E T  S T R E E T


And we really couldn’t finish this without mentioning the only Racing Green front door in Fitzrovia “Ooh, who lives there?” You may be asking yourself, well it’s the home of the friendly Davis Brown team – pop along and see us anytime!

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