20 Top Tips for Styling your Home to Sell

It’s the question every home owner asks us – ‘How long do you think it will take to sell?’.  We have been operating as Estate Agents in London for the last 20 years and we know what it takes to get a property under offer and fast! Apart the obvious of setting a realistic price, styling and presentation has become a big factor. So much so, we now offer an in-house styling service to our clients in order to present their home in the best possible light. We have shared our top 20 styling tips below:

1. First and foremost – declutter. This is probably the most important point and we cannot stress this one enough. No-one wants to see a messy home. Start by clearing worktops, surfaces and bookshelves.   Remember – less is more..

2. Do not store the clutter in the loft, unused room or garage – buyers and tenants want to see these spaces too.

3. Undertake any maintenance issues now. We’re talking about the mouldy mastic around baths and showers, cracked plaster and broken tiles and glass – not a pretty look! You want the buyer and tenant to see that the property has been well looked after

4. Decorate if necessary. This will instantly brighten the room. Try to use neutral colours and hues rather than strong or bold colours which won’t be to everyone’s taste

5. Get your Mr or Mrs Mopp on and clean, dust, hoover and scrub! Make sure grease and grime is removed from cookers and worktops. Ensure cupboard fronts and taps are gleaming and windows are sparkling.

6. Style and accessorise. Start by getting rid of any out-dated pieces of furniture and decorations.  A room always looks better with a few current items rather than lots of out-dated ones

7. Dress the bed. We like to use plain white sheets and inject colour with cushions and throws. Try H&M or Zara home for the latest trends which are reasonably priced. Plus you can take them with you when you move


8. Hang mirrors to make a room feel larger than it is. We particularly like them above fireplaces and along narrow corridors

9. Replace family portraits with art or prints. We are loving the latest prints from Desenio

10. Add a coffee table book and a few magazines to the coffee table

11. Inject some life by adding flowers and plants.  A vase of freshly cut flowers on a coffee table can really look the part

12. Dress the dining table for dinner. If this is not practical, try to keep a bowl of lemons and limes in the middle of the table – great for a splash of colour. If you have a long table, we like to add 3 or 4 vases with pretty flowers

13. Plump up the sofa and add some cushions and a throw. New cushions are a perfect way to keep up with latest interior trends


14. Turn on table lamps and floor lamps. If you have pendant lamps, you might want to consider updating the shade – check out Ikea and Habitat who have some lovely statement shades.

15. Upgrade bathroom and kitchen taps. We are in love with these brass (very en vogue this year) taps from Perrin and Rowe


16. Add fluffy towels and some luxury hand wash in the bathroom.

17. Update curtains and blinds in neutral colours and hues.

18. Light a candle – the scented candles smell great and can be lit just before a viewing. A group of candles can make a great display on a coffee or dining table or fireplace.   Pick up fabulous scented candles from TK Maxx or Homesense

19. If you have outside space, pick up any weeds, mow the lawn and pressure hose away any green slim on paving stones and decking.

20. If all the above sounds like too much work for you, contact us and we will get our styling team to do it for you!

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