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Almost everyone we know tells us that residential property has increased at a phenomenal rate in recent years. However, it is sometimes difficult to put into perspective. The below article shows how much everyday items would cost if they had risen in line with house prices in London in 2016. It makes for interesting reading and makes you consider if people would put up with this level of increase in any other aspect of life.

Esra Gurkan For Mailonline

Loo roll for £61, £35 cheddar and ketchup at £15: #PricedOutLondoner reveals the cost of everyday items if their value had increased at the same rate as property.

  • House prices in London have risen drastically over the last 20 years
  • The stunt shows that a bottle of ketchup would cost £15.52 in Dalston
  • This is if food prices were in keeping with 676 per cent rise in the borough  

The cost of living in London always seems to be soaring, with prices for transport and everyday goods now higher than ever.

And don’t get the capital’s dwellers started on cost of the housing market. 

But now a tumblr campaign called #PricedOutLondoner is highlighting the dramatic rise in house prices by imagining how much groceries and essentials would cost if they had gone up by the same amount.

#PricedOutLondoner is sharing pictures of food prices in Tesco shops across London that they’ve altered to reflect house prices in the capital. 

Using the hashtag #pricedoutlondoner, the site reads: ‘House prices have risen by 938 per cent in Oval over the last 20 years.

If food prices had risen at the same rate, this is what you’d be paying.’ The photo shows the cost of one large avocado being £10.38.

The stunt shows how much items like avocados, tomato ketchup and nappies would cost in Tesco if prices mirrored the rate of inflation in different London boroughs.   

Similar statements are then repeated to represent different London boroughs. 

The campaign was started by Londoners Nathalie Gordon and Wren Graham, both 28-year-old advertising creatives, using house price data from Foxtons.

House prices have risen 938 per cent in Marylebone and so Cathedral City mature cheddar cheese would be priced at £36.33.

Nathalie told Huffington Post UK house prices affect everyone but, added: ‘I don’t think people realise quite how badly.’

The pair are calling for more homes to be built and rent caps to be put in place to help the situation.

‘As a country we can’t continue to ignore the fact that owning a house has become a luxury of the rich and not a right of all,’ she said.  ‘Owning a house has become an unrealistic goal for the majority of young people and one that is only getting worse.’Basmati rice in Camden would cost you £17.96 

The price of Heinz squeezy tomato ketchup in Dalston, which has risen 676 per cent, would be over £15.

The project demonstrates that if the price of Cathedral City mature cheddar cheese had increased by 938 per cent over the last 20 years – just as it had in Marylebone – it would cost £36.33.

If you lived in Camden, where house prices have jumped by 696 per cent, then you’d be paying £17.96 for Tesco Everyday Value Basmati rice.

The price of Heinz squeezy tomato ketchup would also have risen dramatically had it been in keeping with borough Dalston which has risen 676 per cent. It would cost you £15.52 just to be able to dip your chips into sauce.

Another condiment that would cost you is Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Mayo would set you back £21.72 in Kensington.

House prices have risen by 732 per cent in Kensington over the last 20 years and so your mayo would set you back £21.72.  

With the rate of house prices in Churchill in Westminster having dramatically risen by 670 per cent, you’d find it difficult to be able to afford Pampers simply dry jumbo pack of 74 nappies for a whopping £73.15. 

In Queens Park, where prices have gone up 858 per cent, you’d be spending £9.10 on a two litre bottle of Evian mineral water.

Prices have gone up by 670 per cent in Westminster so you’d have to pay £9.65 for a Hovis granary loaf of bread these days.

House prices have risen by 744 per cent in Bayswater over the last two decades, meaning you’d be paying £10.89 for teabags.

Free range eggs would set you back £7.55.

Bayswater in West London has also seen a rise of 744 per cent, meaning we’d be paying £10.89 for our cherished PG Tips pyramid pack of 80 tea bags.

In Kensal Green, house prices have gone up by 748 per cent over the last two decades which would mean, if everyday items had risen with the rate of inflation, we’d have to pay £7.55 for six medium Tesco free range eggs.

Each egg, then, would set us back £1.26.

A bottle of supermarket wine would cost you over £50 in the West End where house prices have risen by 819 per cent.

Toilet paper would set you back £61.65 for 16 in Bryanston & Dorset Square in Westminster.

Westminster, with its increase in house prices of 819 per cent, would result in you paying £57.90 for supermarket wine Gallo Family Vineyards White Grenache. 

House prices have also risen 722 per cent in Bryanston and Dorset Square in Westminster since 1996, meaning you would be paying £61.65 for 16 rolls of Andrex toilet tissue if you lived there.

Nathalie said: ‘You wouldn’t put up with paying £30 for cheese, so why are we putting up with these ludicrous rates of inflation making owning a home nothing but a fantasy?’

Esra Gurkan For Mailonline


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