A Little Bit Of Info About The Fitzroy Tavern

The Fitzroy Tavern – arguably the most famous pub in Fitzrovia (and a few minutes’ walk from Davis Brown – arguably the most famous Estate Agents in Fitzrovia..), started life as the Fitzroy Coffee House in 1883. It was later converted to a pub named The Hundred Marks, so-called due to the many German immigrants living in the area.  The pub re-opened as the Fitzroy Tavern in March 1919 and gives the area of Fitzrovia its name.

Back in the day in the 30s and 40s it was a Bohemian hangout with writers, artists, composers, sculptors & poets all frequenting the pub.  Apparently, the deal was if one of them sold an article/painting/sculpture or any other talent was peddled they would then all be in the money – until it lasted, and then become broke again until another one got lucky.  George Orwell, Dylan Thomas and George Bernard Shaw – all locals of the area were bound to have raised a few glasses in here.

Fitzrovia no longer has that Bohemian air about it and has been given over to media types, but still has some of the best old school pubs in London.  So if you’re in the area and fancy a good old fashioned English pint in a pub full of character and rich history then it would be well worth your while to pay The Fitzroy Tavern a visit.  And being favoured by us here at Davis Brown Commercial Agents you may well bump in to one of us there too!



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