Block Management – Legal Requirements 2020

Converted warehouse apartments in Schiedam – The Netherlands

In light of the recent fine of a London property manager for serious fire safety breaches, our Block Management team have put together an important safety checklist for both residential and commercial properties.  The responsibility of fire safety varies between Leaseholders and Building managers so the lease should always be thoroughly checked, but the below points are a useful rule of thumb.

  • Leaseholders are mainly responsible for their front doors. Ensuring they are FD30 and Fire Safe compliant.  26 Fitzroy Square - External
  • Leaseholders should not have their personal belongings or décor items in the communal areas. No shoes, bikes, plants etc unless authorised by the freeholder. If items are in place they would have to be confirmed as fire safe.
  • Building/block managers are responsible for the maintenance of the fire alarm, emergency lights and Legionella disease. Authorised personnel will need to conduct a report on these issues on a regular basis & must inform us of Fire and Health and Safety risks within the building. This might entail compartmentalisation of cupboards, changing cupboard doors in communal areas (eg: electricity meters & cleaning cupboards), and instructing liable parties to change their main front door etc.  Change of fire alarm from an LD3 to LD2 would also fall under our remit as block managers. The report would also need to include the fire exit plan for the building.  Adeline Place 15-ext-7
  • Once the report is received, it is the building manager’s responsibility to action all the recommendations. This report should be reviewed regularly & failure to do so can lead to a fine or prison sentence if works have not been completed after LFB notices.


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