Candy for the eyes! 20 London Square Gardens.

Garden Squares were created by the Georgians and Victorians to bring the feeling of the countryside in to the city.  They were, and still are a place to socialise with your friends and neighbours.  As Estate & Letting Agents in the West End we are often whizzing around the back streets admiring the beautiful gardens around us, some are so tranquil it’s difficult to believe you are actually in the Big Smoke!  Here are 20 of our faves …

rosmead garden 2

Rosemead Gardens, W11  

This square has very romantic connotations – it was where Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts trespassed in the film Notting Hill.


Fassett Square, Hackney

Does this square ring any bells with soap fans?  It should do as it inspired the EastEnders set!


Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia


Paddington Street Gardens, Marylebone

This was created during the 18th century as an additional burial ground for the old St Marylebone Parish Church.


Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury

This is 3 acres of public gardens in London’s West End. Complete with red telephone box!


Manchester Square, Marylebone

This is the square facing towards Manchester House, which houses the world renowned Wallace Collection.


Bryanston Square, Marylebone

Named after its founder Henry William Portman’s home village of Bryanston in Dorset, it was built as part of the Portman Estate between 1810 and 1815.


Lennox Gardens, Chelsea

Lennox Gardens was created in the late 19th century, formerly being a cricket ground.


Queen Square, Bloomsbury

There has been confusion about this statue in Queen Square, it was first thought to be Queen Anne, but more recently is believed to be depicting Queen Charlotte.  Will we ever know for sure?!


Bonnington Square Gardens, Vauxhall

This “secret” square is a beautiful place to relax and have fun.  It’s quite bohemian with vegan cafes and parties held throughout the Summer months.


Cleaver Square Gardens, Kennington

This Georgian Square in south London has long been used as a bowling green and looks stunning in the spring when all the cherry blossom is in bloom.  There’s a gorgeous little pub on the corner too!


Belgrave Square Gardens, Knightsbridge

A beautiful place to relax in central London.


Bedford Square Gardens, Bloomsbury

It is one of London’s most beautiful and best-preserved historic squares. It was built between 1776 and 1780 as a scenic residential area for the city’s upper middle class.


The fountain at Russell Square Gardens, Bloomsbury.


Rathbone Square Gardens, Fitzrovia

This new development includes offices, retail,  restaurants and premium residential all centred around a new garden square.


 Cleveland Square Gardens, Paddington

Cleveland Square was created in 1855 when the formerly rural area was being developed as part of the Paddington Estate.


Portman Square, Marylebone

This picture dates back to 1878 with Montagu House facing the Square.

 Chalcot Square, Primrose Hill

Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath lived here in the 60s; it’s unmistakeable coloured houses surrounding it.


Downing Street Gardens, W1

A private garden, but one weekend each year there are many private garden squares that are open to the public – don’t miss out!


Rosary Gardens, SW7

In the 1820s the land on which this development now stands was a 3 acre field called Rosehall, hence the current name.  A very sought after area in Kensington.


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