Davis Brown Wraps Up London!


This November, Davis Brown is once again supporting Wrap Up London in its annual mission to help keep London warm this winter. We’ll be volunteering as the Fitzrovia collection point for all your unwanted coats so that they can start a new life with those most likely to struggle to keep warm during the winter months.

The coat collection for the local area will run direct from the Davis Brown office with any unwanted coats donated to homeless shelters, refugee centres, women’s refuges and other charities. If you live or work in the area and would like to donate a coat to a worthy cause, we’d love for you to pop in.

We will be welcoming coats of all shapes and sizes to help Wrap Up London reach its 2017 target of 22,000 donations. Collections will run from today, until Thursday 23rd November, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Please bring your coats direct to Davis Brown – 1 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RB. Thank you!

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