Dilapidations, Explanations….Apply within.

Extensive mold growth throughtout the walls and ceilings of a home

In all the excitement of moving into your smart new premises, don’t forget that one day you are likely to be moving out again. This will come at a cost. I don’t mean just the removal company’s bill. If you are a lessee of commercial
property in the U.K., you will have a liability for dilapidations.
Your lease will impose obligations on you as a tenant. You will probably have to keep the property in good repair. You will certainly have to decorate shortly before your lease expires. You may also have to reinstate those expensive alterations you carried
out when you moved in. This will often come as a shock and usually as a large and unexpected expense, too. What can you do about it?
Take professional advice before entering into a lease. A Chartered Building Surveyor can provide a report on the condition of the property and, if you are planning to occupy a part of a building, the state of repair of the parts you may have contribute to the cost of maintaining through service charges. This may enable you to negotiate a reduction in your liabilities. Develop an exit strategy in good time. Prepare for your departure by setting aside funds to meet your liabilities. Ask your surveyor to have a look around close to the termination date. Do not leave the place in a mess. Even if
you decide not to redecorate and to take your chances with the landlord, remove those trailing cables gushing from floor boxes. Make sure the lights are all working.
Do a professional clean. Leave the space fit for occupation.
These simple measures will help to make your exit less painful.

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