Dressing The Christmas Table

The tree’s looking pretty, the presents are wrapped, the food and booze has all been bought – now you can put your feet up and relax with a festive glass of sherry and a mince pie….that is if you haven’t skipped thinking about the Christmas table decorations!  We eat from our table most days of the year so dressing it up in the spirit of Christmas is what makes lunch on the 25th December special!    Whatever your taste, there are endless ways to make your table shiny and bright & here are just a couple..

Festive Forest Feast!


Some people love to go foraging for holly and berries, tree bark, twigs and pine cones – bringing the outside in – and with a bit of glitter and silver or gold spray paint it can give the table a really special feel.  You can get really creative with these materials that nature gave us, and the more over the top you go, the more magical your table will look!  Red or green ribbon tied onto twigs is another easy and effective way to Christmas-up your table. If you don’t live near somewhere that you can go foraging, you can buy plastic alternatives that do just as good a job. 

Scandi Chic Supper!


A less frenetic style than the above, Scandi chic is all about the white and the silver and the monochrome, and is still holding it’s own in the style stakes.  A crisp white napkin with your guests’ initials embroidered into it using a silver thread, some antler horn style candle stick holders, icicles and snowflakes doted around the table, and even a pine cone or two sprayed white, silver chargers under a large white dinner plate will give you a sophisticated Scandi table.

The Minimalist’s Meal!

If you’re a fan of “less is more”, there’s no reason why you can’t go down the minimal route on Christmas day!  A subtle accent here and there around the table is sometimes all you need.  A mason jar with a string of white lights inside can be an attractive centrepiece, or a large red pillar candle can bring the warmth and cosiness every festive table shouldn’t be without.

Another top tip that I love to use is to get yourself an electric diffuser (Muji does a great one) and some seasonally-scented essential oils (cinnamon, pine, orange) and put that on first thing in the morning to give your home that beautiful scent of Christmas!

However you choose to dress your Christmas table an absolute must to include is the crackers! The history behind the cracker goes like this… they were first created by a London sweet maker Tom Smith around 1845.  He was inspired by the pretty wrapped almonds that the French would give, so he decided  to try and sell similar sweets wrapped up with a riddle or joke – this however, wasn’t to be a success story!  This didn’t damped Tom’s spirits, and one night while sitting in front of the fire watching it spark and crackle he had his eureka moment – what fun it would be if his sweets and toys were to be opened with a bang when their fancy wrappers were pulled in half!   And the rest is history!

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