Dry January Treats!

If you’re attempting Dry January then you are half way through – and I applaud you! But how does one treat oneself if one can’t do it with a comforting glass of wine after a hard day at the office?  Well, I might just have the answer – a decadent afternoon tea could be just the ticket, (so long as you’re not cutting out sugar and caffeine aswell..).  Local to us at Davis Brown estate agents in Fitzrovia we have a couple of fantastic places where you can indulge your sweet tooth to the max, and where no-one cares how you pronounce “scone”!  The Sanderson Hotel – a 1950s building that was transformed by Philippe Starck into a surreal Cocteau-like dream world, offers an afternoon tea experience that the elite of London are raving about.  It invites you to tumble down the rabbit hole where menus are hidden inside vintage books; teapots are adorned with kings and queens – a Mad Hatters Tea Party no less, what a delight for the senses!

Mad Hatters

The world famous British department store Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly offers a more classical afternoon tea; more than 100 different blends of tea are available, served in silver-rimmed delicate blue china cups. Sup at your leisure while the pianist tinkles away on his ivories –for that touch of sophistication.  If your companion isn’t abstaining this month they can always have a glass of bubbly with their tea!  Alternatively, you’d be very welcome to pop in and see us and Davis Brown estate agents in Margaret Street, Fitzrovia, where you will always be made the perfect cup of tea served up with a smile, and a dollop of insight into the current property market!

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