Well that’s it! No more Christmas jumpers, mulled wine or mince pies – the festive frivolities are done and dusted for another year. Every last piece of decoration came down on Tuesday  – or did they?  And why should they? Well, those are the questions!   5th January is the Twelfth Night (of the twelve days of Christmas), and according to the Church of England the twelfth night refers to the night before Epiphany, which was the day the Three Wise Men visited the baby Jesus (you’ve always wanted to know where that word really came from didn’t you?!).  It’s also been a tradition since Victorian England to celebrate this time of year by taking down the evergreens and lighting a bonfire (or putting away in it’s box if you have a fake one!). If you happen to have forgotten and your decorations are still up then you must keep them up until the Twelfth Night next year – or a goblin may come and spill milk on your carpet – was one superstitious story I heard….

We here at Davis Brown Estate agents in Fitzrovia, Soho, have followed with tradition and our beautiful office decorations came down on the 5th, however if you would like to visit our very own wise men and women (who incidentally are here all year round and not just at Christmas), we would be very happy to help you out with your new year property search.

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