Friday’s Fitzrovia Facts!

We always have our Chartered Surveyor/Estate Agent ears to the ground when it comes to all things interesting around and about our city, taking an extra special interest in our very own hood of Fitzrovia, W1. So here are few little known facts for you to ponder over this weekend, and you never know – these facts may win you a pub quiz one day..

The Newman Arms on Rathbone Street features in two of George Orwell’s novels – Nineteen Eighty Four and Keep the Aspidistra Flying. It also made an appearance in Michael Powell’s horror film Peeping Tom.   Pies feature heavily in this pub and by all accounts are pretty tasty fayre but don’t just take my word for it, Fay Maschler – food critic from the London Evening Standard says so too.

Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf lived in the same house (at different times) at 29 Fitzroy Square. We know all the famous faces past and present from this area, and this brings me to offering you a bit of pop culture.   Those of you down with the kids will be interested to hear that Coldplay formed in Ramsey Hall – a university College London accommodation in Maple Street.  Those of you with a love for all things 60s & 70s will be interested to know that the Speakeasy Club aka The Speak was situated just a stone’s throw from Davis Brown’s Estate Agent’s office at 48 Margaret Street – a late night club for the music industry which entertained until the late 70s.  Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Bob Marley all performed here.  And Bob Dylan made his London debut at the King and Queen pub on Foley Street.    Oh to have been a fly on the wall in those heady days!

Fitzrovia 23.10.15

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