Georgie spills the beans on working at Davis Brown..


Hi Georgie – what is your job title & what does it entail?

I’m the administrator for both the residential and commercial departments.  I look after the teams as a PA/Secretary, diary management, drafting and distributing property particulars, liaising with clients and tenants, drafting Heads of Terms, AST Agreements, obtaining references, dealing with solicitors, sending out the invoices, you name it really.  I also liaise within Davis Brown with the accounts team, property management team, the works really.  And yes, I’m always welcomed back with open arms (as well as a long list of things to do) after I’ve been away on holiday.

How long have you been working at Davis Brown?

God, that’s giving my age away! It’s got to be 12/13 years now.

So you’re part of the furniture then!  You must have seen many changes over the years, what has been the most significant change for you?

Yes, very much so.  The biggest change is trying to become a paperless office – far easier with the younger team members – the older chaps, not so much so.

Where were you working before Davis Brown & what drew you into the property sector?

I worked for 10 years in the hotel industry in reservations & sales.  To be honest, it’s not that different.  If you can book the right conference room for 500 sales reps, you can find the perfect office for your client.  Same with residential, matching the right flat with the right tenant is very similar to booking the right bedroom for your guest.

Can you tell us a little about how the processes for residential and commercial properties differ?

The process is very different.  On the commercial side, once the boys have negotiated the deal and we have sent out the Heads of Terms to solicitors, you can relax slightly, they do all the legal paperwork.  My main job, once terms have been agreed is chasing both sides and making sure the deal completes.  On the residential side, it is much more personal, you get more involved with matching the right tenant to the right landlord/property.  We also deal with all of the paperwork and contracts ourselves, no passing the buck on this one.

What is it about Davis Brown that’s kept you here for so long?

Apart from my Directors chaining me to my desk you mean?  No, seriously, it’s the people.  We have a fantastic team, not just the residential and commercial guys, all of us work hard to ensure a really good working environment and everyone takes pride in what they do.  Also, having Bertie (our office dog) greet you of a morning always puts a smile on your face; plus being estate agents in Fitzrovia, we have plenty of lovely restaurants and shops in the vicinity to keep us entertained at lunchtime!


Tell me about what makes Davis Brown the best place to buy and sell property? 

Knowledge.  Without doubt, that comes across in spades.  It may seem like we have a young team, but boy, do they know their stuff.  Some of the older chaps seem to know a bit as well!!!

Tell me what you think Davis Brown has that keeps its clients loyal?

Again, that’s easy.  As we are RICS accredited, our clients know that we have to maintain very high standards.  We are honest and our clients know that.  Being able to offer a “one stop shop” is a great advantage.  You can sell, buy, improve, refurbish, extend, have your party wall dispute with your neighbour dealt with, get a mortgage valuation, building survey report and after all of that, our property management department will look after what is normally the biggest asset you own.  Not bad for a company of under 20 staff.

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

Sleeping……….. No, really, I’m fortunate to have a wide circle of friends who I meet up with often over a glass or two of vino but spending time with my family mostly.  I’ve have 3 sisters (all married with children/step children) and am lucky that both my parents are  fit and well so Sunday lunch with mum and dad is always a good bet.

Being one of the longest standing members of the team, you must have a little secret you can tell us about your boss?!

Well, there was that one time my Director asked me to… No, actually, I’ll leave it there, as previously mentioned, I enjoy working at Davis Brown…!


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