Get a load of Getty Images Gallery!

London has a plethora of weird and wonderful things to fill your spare time with and as estate agents in W1 we often find ourselves exploring when we have a few minutes in between appointments.  One of those wonderful things being art galleries; we’ve all heard of the likes of the Tate Modern, National  Portrait Gallery and Saatchi Galleries, but, if you look a little closer you will find  plenty more smaller but just as fascinating galleries tucked away in the back streets. The sheer abundance of world class artworks on display in London will inspire even the most discerning art lovers!

One such gallery, just around the corner from Davis Brown estate agents is the Getty Images Gallery in Eastcastle Street.  Housed in a modern, light, white space this gallery offers iconic imagery in the form of beautiful photographs, including faces that have defined our times and landscapes and interiors to inspire.  The gallery showcases exhibitions on a regular basis so there will always be something new and exciting to have a nose at here.  It’s a minute’s walk away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, plus has the bonus of no admission fee!  So why not grab yourself a dose of culture?


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