Haunted Houses

I couldn’t let Halloween pass without giving you something to get goosebumps over, and since we are Estate Agents in W1 and are all about buildings, let me give you the heads up on some of London’s most haunted.

Let’s start with the Spaniards Inn on the edge of Hampstead Heath – built in 1585 it’s a quaint, oak-panelled pub with a pretty garden.  The story goes that two men fought a dual over a woman, one man was killed and he was buried in the garden and his ghost is said to haunt the pub.  Dick Turpin the highwayman was said to be a regular here and his ghost has been seen standing by the road outside the pub, as well as some of his victims.  Visitors to the pub have occasionally reported that they have felt like they were being grabbed – by an invisible source, but perhaps they might have had just one too many…

Apparently several ghosts have taken up residence at the Tower of London which dates back to 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest;  James I’s cousin Arabella Stuart being the most famous of all.  She was imprisoned in the Tower and said to be murdered, so have your wits about you in the Queen’s House where she is said to stay, I’m sure she’s not a happy ghost…Ann Boleyn was executed here too and there have been sightings of her headless body strolling the Tower’s corridors.   And let’s not forget the mysterious White Lady – she’s said to haunt the White Tower, standing at the window waving to children opposite – so if you want to see your kids scared out of their skins, this is the place to take them!

Handel’s House Museum in Mayfair is dedicated to the works of George Frederic Handel who lived here in Brook Street from 1723 to his death 1759.  There have been sightings here of a ghostly figure of a woman and the strong lingering smell of perfume.  Jimi Hendrix lived next door and is said to have seen her in the 60s.  Again perhaps one too many?

Somewhere that isn’t exactly haunted but might be a sort of creepy place to visit this weekend is the Hunterian Museum in Holborn.  It’s packed full of specimens within jars such as preserved monkey heads and deformed bodies, a prime example pictured here. And more. But be warned – this is very much NOT for the squeamish!

And at 1 Margaret Street, Davis Brown Estate Agents W1, if you want to pop in and visit us, I promise you won’t find anything too ghoulish!



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