Illuminating Oxford Street!

I can’t believe I’m about to use the “C” word already but here goes nothing…  the tradition of lights at Christmas time came about in the 17th century.  This was way before we had electricity, so the only way to do this back then was to use real candles which were attached to dried out Christmas trees – very pretty, but elf (ha!) and safety wouldn’t be too happy about that these days!

Nowadays, with the use of electricity and the health and safety people hot on our heels we have come on leaps and bounds with our festive decorations.  As we have seen in more recent years not only our houses, but our streets have also been adorned with illuminations, and the turning on of the Christmas lights is a sure sign that Christmas is on its merry way!   Our beloved Oxford Street – just around the corner from Davis Brown estate agents in W1, had its lights turned on 2 weeks ago by Kylie Minogue no less.  Christmas lights first adorned Oxford Street in 1959; 5 years after Regent Street’s light went on.  Due to recession they were turned off between 1967-78, and since 1981 celebrities have been invited to join in the annual ceremony. The first celebrity to turn on the lights was in fact the Venezuelan born Miss World Pilin Leon, and since then other (sometimes questionable) celebs have been involved.  Richard Branson in 1993, Anita Dobson in ‘86 (Den and Ange storyline was big at the time..),  Jessie J in 2013, Spice Girls in 1996 and old crooner Cliff Richard in 1990.  And just to make you feel old, 10 years ago it was those fresh faced boys from the Green Isle – Westlife.

Davis Brown Estate Agents and Commercial Agents will be adding to the festivities of W1 with our very own decorations, so feel free to pop along to 1 Margaret Street for some Christmas cheer!

Christmas Ox Street


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