Being Estate Agents in W1, Fitzrovia we like to keep our ear to the ground of what’s hot & what’s not in the Interiors World.   With many top notch interiors show rooms in our vicinity,  it’s easy to do just that!  2017 saw the rise of all things copper, marble and green, and as we step in to 2018, we have asked Emma to give us her thoughts on interior design predictions for the year ahead and the trends that she would like to hang around for a little longer.   Here’s what she said…

G R E Y is here to stay!

3D illustration. The interior of gray bedroom with a wooden table

It’s probable this neutral hue is here to stay. And why not? I love grey. It’s timeless and looks great in any interior. It is a versatile colour and is often used as a base colour of an interior scheme. Lighter hues can create a bright, crisp and simplistic setting while warmer and darker hues can create something more moody, cosy and sophisticated. It works well to pair them together or you could create a contrast by adding vibrant and bolder colours. I am a bit of a sucker for piaring lighter and darker shades of grey with soft pinks or emerald greens – sumptious!

We are G O L D!

Gold Light blog

Gold is the metal of 2018. A little more sophisticated than copper, gold compliments pinks, navys and greens. Think gold accessories – door handles, candle sticks and lighting. I love antique gold and brass accessories. I am currently using Olson Pendant lights from Heals for my latest  interior design scheme in Fitzrovia.

V I O L E T S are blue!

Rendering of a Modern chic classic luxury white European interior with violet velvet sofa


Pantone released Ultra Violet as 2018s colour of the year. I’m not sure I could paint an entire room in it (remember Rachel and Monica’s apartment from Friends!) but I’ve always quite liked tones of purple linked subtly to a scheme. Purple is associated with Royalty and could make an interior look fabulously regal. If you’re a bit like me, you could use it in a couple of scatter cushions, a lamp shade or perhaps some glass door knobs on your favourite cabinet for a change.

W A L L  A R T  C L U S T E R

photo or painting frames set

Cluster together your favourite prints, photos and pieces of art to create your own wall gallery. If you have tendancy for order though, this might not be for you but a wall gallery can look really effective and is a chance to display all your favourite pictures.  Choose your wall carefully and think about the ratio of the number of frames to the size of the wall.

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