Interior Trends

As always we at Davis Brown Estate Agents have our fingers firmly on the pulse of all things property and this of course includes interior design.  We love it! The eclectic mix of people at Davis Brown brings about interesting discussions on interior tastes!  When it comes to styling our living space we are becoming more and more influenced by trends; just like fashion trends come and go so does the way in which we decorate our homes.  Thanks to the growing popularity of home decorating TV programmes and magazines there are more and more shops featuring seasonal home trends – now at much more affordable prices making seasonable changes to our homes accessible to every budget.  

The obvious influence within our homes has been Scandinavian – it’s been huge in recent years and shows no sign of abating either, with shops like Ikea and Habitat keeping that trend very much at the forefront!  And it’s not just Scandi interior design, their food and clothing has been trending for quite some time too.

However much we are guided by trends it’s always nice to put our own stamp on our home, reflecting our personality, and as modern life gets busier and more pressured, our homes have become our sanctuaries where we need to feel comfortable in.  The area in which we live also has a big influence on our style, (or is it actually that we have a big influence on the style of where we live?!).  Certain types of people tend to cluster together in certain parts of the City.  North, South, East & West London all have their very own distinctive features. 

Metallics are a big trend at the moment with copper being a big hit last year, now it’s all about the brass and rose gold tones.  If you don’t fancy going the whole hog a little accent here and there such as a lamp base or vase can keep you up to date.  A more rustic look including weathered woods are beginning to take over from the industrialised look that has been so popular in recent years.  It’s back to nature for a lot of interior designers!   Other trends set to be big this year are leaves & foliage, artisan crafts, retro, modern rustic and wait for it…pink ! So do with that lot what you will! (perhaps not all in the same room though!).


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