Keep your Heating Costs down this Winter

After a glorious Indian Summer, we are waving goodbye to sundresses and sandals, and saying (rather reluctantly) hello to coats, scarves and gloves, yes folks – Winter is coming!  But before you crank up that thermostat to keep your cockles warm, have a read of some myth busters when it comes to heating your home … .

B U S T – A –  M Y T H  No:  1


Contrary to popular belief there is zero point in turning the thermostat up to the max to heat the room quicker, if you want to get sweaty then fine, but if you just want an average temperature just turn it to what you need – turning it up high won’t heat the room quicker but it will cost you more money.

N O T  A L W A Y S  B E S T  T O  L I S T E N   T O  T H E  T A L K   O N   T H E  S T R E E T (listen to this talk on the heat …. !) 

Energy labels with home on white background. Vector illustration

How many times have you heard people say it’s far more energy efficient to always keep the heating on a constant low temperature, rather than switching it on & off?  This is not the way to go about heating your home, if you have an efficient heating system then just turn it on and off as and when it’s needed, nowadays there are apps such as Hive which give you the option of heating your home remotely.  This is far more energy & economically efficient.

D O   G E T  Y O U R S E L F  I N T O  H O T  W A T E R 


If you’ve been keeping your water heater on all day so you don’t run out, there really is no need to do this, to save your pennies make sure your hot water tank is properly insulated, then set the timer for half an hour in morning and this should give you all the hot water you’ll need until around midday.  Again, there are apps that will enable you to do this remotely.

“R O C K  D O W N  T O  E L E C T R I C  A V E N U E” 


People often keep their electric storage heaters on full time as they’re not entirely sure how they work, this means that households with electric heating could be paying way over the odds as they may not be taking advantage of cheaper night rate electricity, for example.

As estate agents as well as block management agents, we see homes and offices all over London where energy is being used inefficiently, so much money can be saved on your energy supplies with a few very simple tweaks.

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