Lost in London? We’re Here to Help!

As Estate Agents in the West End, and big fans of this fantastic City, we pride ourselves in keeping up to date on everything we possibly can do from new restaurants to the best phone apps, so of course we know London like the back of our hand!  From taking the tube to appointments in Covent Garden, to bussing it up to Marylebone, to hot-footing it all around Fitzrovia we’ve got this city sussed!  However, we often have foreign tenants who have very little knowledge of London and we like to impart the knowledge we have so we can help to make their time in London the best it can possibly be! London can be a pretty daunting place for new comers and so we thought we would put together a list of what we think are the most useful apps out there, from travelling about to grabbing a bite to eat.

City Mapper

For estate agents and tourists alike! If you download only one app, this has got to be it.  We often get asked to view new properties in streets we may have never been to before, and City Mapper plans the whole route from start to finish, from wherever you may be to wherever you need to get to and you will never have to use a bulky paper street map again!

London Underground Map

Whilst City Mapper will work out your route on the underground, the London Underground map is always a useful addition to your apps; a quick glance and you can work out what line you need and in which direction.  Top tip: if you use the route planner, it tells you the exact duration of your journey!

Bus Mapper

Bus Mapper is a simple and easy to use navigation tool, using buses only for your journey.  London has got so much to see so if you’re not in a hurry (London traffic can be dreadfully slow!),  taking a bus is a great way to a more scenic approach to your travel.

Google Maps

Does what it says on the tin! Type in anywhere and Google Maps will find it and get you to it!


This app is an absolute gem – it finds you using your location and then tells you what’s around you within a certain radius.  As estate agents, we think it’s always important for our applicants to know what’s local to the property they are renting or buying; whether you’re after a quirky café close to your flat in Fitzrovia or a yoga class near you in Marylebone, this app will find it for you.


As seasoned travellers of the city, we estate agents know that the likelihood of getting rained on in London is pretty high, so this app is great to have on standby.  Pop in your location and destination and a driver will turn up.  Top tip: click on the fare estimate button to get an idea of how much your journey is going to cost!

Google Translate

The English language can be pretty confusing – we know that! Whether you’re trying to order your morning coffee, or booking your tickets for Madame Tussauds, Google Translate can fill in the gaps for you.  Pop in the word or sentence you’re after and it will generate it in English… or any other language for that matter!

XE Currency

Constant updates mean that XE Currency is always on point when it comes to exchange rates – keep an eye on this whilst you’re away to ensure you know what you are spending.


Genius! A pocket organiser for your trip, this app brings together information from your emails of flights, hotels, cars, bookings etc. and compiles it in to one simple itinerary.  Forward the relevant emails to the app and let it do its magic! This app is especially useful when you’ve got lots of things organised in a short space of time.


For those of you who like to track your travels, this app creates a journal of your holiday, tracking you on an interactive map.  This app is great for using whilst you’re away, but also creates a fun momento to remember your travels.

Time Out London

A great app that really has its finger on the London pulse!  Will give you the latest updates of the best restaurants, theatre, cultural excursions,  and everything else London has to offer!


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