Making The Most Of Tricky Spaces (in your home.)

Every home has its own design challenges. Small studios, narrow corridors, sloping ceilings, awkward corners… and the list goes on! But don’t despair – with a little spatial planning we can turn these spaces around. Here at Davis Brown Estate Agents we have put together a few ways in which to transform those neglected nooks and crannies.


Awkward Spaces

If you are faced with odd angles, corners or slanted ceilings, then curved shapes such as round tables tend to fit better here – you could even consider a round bed like this contemporary one below! Custom built storage units are an ideal way of using every inch of space, but if you are on a tight budget it may be more realistic to max out on part of the space – for example by fitting a shelf to use as a desk.                


Small Spaces

If you are short on space and cannot fit a desk, you could use wall-mounted shelves as an alternative storage area or a quirky fold out desk as seen below. Small-scale furniture is also a must – as comfy as a huge sofa might be, it’s probably not practical if it takes up the whole room! Glass furniture will create a visual effect of more space even in a small room and mirrors can do the same*.

We all get sentimental about certain ornaments but too many can make a space look cluttered and overcrowded – try to just have a few sleek pieces – minimalism can often be the way forward! Also don’t be afraid to buy multi-purpose items – coffee tables or ottoman storage boxes that double up as seating can be just the answer when you have friends and family over. Lastly, don’t let vertical space go to waste – remember a room has 8 corners not just 4 – so set your curtains high and embrace those tall storage units!


If you have a room that lacks windows it is worth investing in thin curtains which draw back beyond the window to maximise light – blinds can do this too. Lights are also important as poor lighting can make a room look much smaller than it is. If you are the other extreme and have too many windows/doors to place furniture on the edge of the room, you could pull your furniture forward and create a snug conversation area, using the space behind as a walkway.



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