Another of the areas covered by Davis Brown Commercial Agents and Estate Agents W1 is Marylebone. Yes it’s a bit of a mouthful and it’s been pronounced in many different ways (we personally use 3 syllables). The name “Marylebone” is actually an abbreviation of its 14th century name of “St Mary by the Bourne”, relating to St Mary’s Parish Church which was built on the banks of a small stream – or “bourne”.

In 1965 Marylebone amalgamated with Paddington & Westminster to create a new, large City of Westminster. The area is home to numerous spacious late Georgian town houses which have always been attractive qualities for many people including us at Davis Brown Marylbone estate agents. Famous names such as Lord Byron lived in Holles Street, Charles Dickens was a resident of Devonshire Terrace until his tenancy expired in the Autumn of 1851 which is when he took up residence in Tavistock House.

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The most famous resident of Marylebone however– albeit fictional – must surely be Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes! The street he lived in with his side kick Dr Watson was of course Baker Street which must be one of London’s most famous streets, even being immortalised in song!

Like most areas in London Marylebone has a colourful past, Nightingale Street (now Gateforth Street), was one of the most notorious in the area; it appeared on one of the Booth Poverty maps from 1889 where the streets were colour coded to indicate their status; Nightingale Street was “awarded” the colour black, denoting the lowest grade and that “semi-criminals” lived here. I wouldn’t have imagined that Davis Brown estate agents would have had many dealings in this street!

Marylebone also has many diverse institutions such as Lord’s cricket ground, Madame Tussaud’s, the London Planetarium and has also been home to an abundance of animals from all over the world since 1828, as this is where you will find world renowned London Zoo!

Elephant London Zoo


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