Meet our Graduate Building Surveyor – Alex Hooper

Hi Alex – what is your role at Davis Brown? I am a Graduate Building Surveyor at Davis Brown where my main role is to deal with party wall matters. I am also shadowing and assisting a couple of the directors in relation to contract administration, dilapidations, full building surveys and project management in order to broaden my skill set and obtain more experience.

What does a typical day entail at DB?  And what are you favourite and least favourite parts of the day?A combination of working in the office where I would typically liaise with clients, engineers, architects etc in order to produce documentation to facilitate building works, and going out to inspect properties/attend meetings with clients and construction professionals. 

Favourite Travelling around London and visiting a wide range of spectacular properties. Not only does this improve my knowledge of building pathology but I also get to meet interesting people from all walks of life in the process. 

Least Favourite I enjoy a good balance between being in and out of the office, so it would have to be when I am in the office for too long, sometimes it’s good to unleash some energy on an inspection!

What do you like best about working in Fitzrovia? I enjoy the diversity of different services Fitzrovia has to offer, it is a very mixed-use area which I think sets it apart from other central London districts.  Each road seems to have a unique defining feature. The large variety of different cuisines prevents sustenance from becoming tedious!

What is your favourite part of London, and why?My favourite part of London would have to be East London in general. I have only ever lived in East London and feel at home there now, there’s always something going on.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt so far working at DB?As my previous experience in surveying was somewhat limited, I have learnt the extent of responsibilities required from each aspect of building surveying. This has helped my confidence when liaising with other professionals.

If you could be locked in a building overnight what would it be?St Bartholomew’ Church is a particularly impressive building I have visited recently, I could finally learn how to play the organ….

Thanks Alex!

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