Monday morning pick-me-up – Fabulous flatties!

Flat lining at work on a Monday morning?  Then drag those tired bones of yours to Flat White coffee shop on Berwick Street, Soho – a hop and a skip from Davis Brown Estate Agents – for a “flattie” (this is an Antipodean establishmentso let’s join in with the lingo here).  FYI, the Flat White was apparently invented in Auckland, New Zealand in 1984 and is prepared by pouring a velvety microfoam (google it) over a single or double espresso.Berwick Street

Flat White was established in 2005; it’s a cosy little place situated at the cobbled end of Berwick Street.  Nothing too exciting about its interior (except for the magic that happens at the hands of the barista), and there is no wi-fi, so close your laptop and park yourself – coffee in hand, on one of their benches placed outside the front and  watch the world go by on this great historical road in Soho and imagine what once was. The southern end of the street was bombed in the blitz during WW2, but several of the remaining buildings date from the 1730s.   The antique lighting shop W Stitch & Co is indeed the oldest shop in Soho, and the Green Man pub occupies a site that has been a tavern since 1738.  For commercial agents like us, our fascination for the area can leave us wide-eyed and in awe, so it’s not unusual after a viewing to find one of our estate agents pounding the cobbled pavements, flattie in hand, soaking up the history. We strongly suggest you do the same!

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