New Year Resolutions (for your home!)

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re not making the most of your home? It’s easily done, neglecting the cleaning, ignoring the odd touch up jobs needed on the walls, cupboards full to the brim…the list goes on and we are all guilty!  Here at Davis Brown, our Estate Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Property Managers have discussed our worst home habits, and have come up with a short list of Five Property New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe we will stick to them this year!

  1. Keep up with the cleaning

We all know it’s a bore, and not something that any of us look forward to however as Estate Agents, Davis Brown know what a difference a regular clean can make.  In the short term, it keeps your place looking tidy and smelling fresh, and in the long term it avoids decolouration and build up.  Little and often is our motto!

  1. Fix things when they break

…instead of leaving them until you have a list as long as your arm!  It’s very easy to put something that’s broken to the side and promise yourself you’ll do it later.  However, these small bits of DIY soon add up, and before you know it that door knob that needs screwing back on, is followed by tightening a leaky tap…a touch up on the paint work in the hall…replacing several lightbulbs.

  1. Clear out your cupboards twice a year

A clear space is a clear mind! There are few things more stressful than opening a cupboard and realising that the thing you need is right at the back, behind other precariously stacked items.  The way to avoid these spontaneous games of Jenga is to clear those overfilled cupboards out twice a year – once in the Spring and once in the Autumn.  Be ruthless and it’ll save you a lot of stress in the long run!

  1. Find a proper home for odd bits…or create a junk drawer!

This follows on from resolution 3 – put things back where they belong.  In a mission to keep our properties looking tidy, it’s very easy to shove things into the nearest cupboard or cubby hole, just to get them out of sight.  However, this is only a temporary solution! The reality is that in no time at all, you’ll be cursing yourself when you can’t find it, or kicking yourself when there’s no room left for the items that actually belong in your temporary hiding place!  Saving you more work in the long run, it’s much easier to put things back in their proper place each and every time you use them.

  1. Utilities – are you being cost effective?

After an expensive time over Christmas, January is a great time to take a good look at your utilities and work out what you’re paying, who to and whether it’s the correct amount. It’s often worth spending some time on comparison websites and seeing what deals are out there.  A great way to try and reduce your energy bills is to sign up to The Big Community Switch.   So if you haven’t made any resolutions so far, I hope these might inspire you!


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