Red Planet Dwelling

Feeling as though Planet Earth has gone a bit wayward in recent months?  Feeling like you just want to run away?  In around 20 years’ time you might be able to do just that (but by flying in a rocket – not running).   Mars could well be the next planet humans will be inhabiting, and a model of what the first human homes could look like have been created in London, using materials closely resembling those that would be found on Mars.   

There are many things to take into consideration when building a home on the Red Planet, (and here comes the science bit) the atmosphere is 100% thinner than it is on Earth and consists of approximately 96% carbon dioxide.   The model home is a pod-like building with a double air-locked entrance; a trap door leads downstairs where there are heaters to combat the average minus 80 degree F temperatures, and a machine to convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen.   Upstairs there is a small kitchen area – not that the food will be anything to write home about, with freeze dried food making up the most part, so a microwave will be an essential piece of kit.  Humans will have to grow around 20% of their food, so a place for plants to grow will also be essential.     

A survey was carried out about people living on Mars – and despite its unforgiving atmosphere a surprising amount of people were up for relocating quite a way away, a whopping 30% said they would consider going there to live, and a considerable 24% said they would definitely consider living there even if it was a one way ticket.  So, as David Bowie questioned “Is there life on Mars?” I think we can absolutely say yes there is (or will be in the not too distant future.).  Perhaps Davis Brown Estate Agents & Chartered Surveyors will be the first to market these homes on Mars; you’ll have to just watch this “space”…


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