Run You Home With These Top 5 Apps!

Who doesn’t lead a hectic life nowadays?!  As busy Estate & Managing Agents we are often battling our way through the busy city streets feeling stressed, so anything that will make our lives that little bit easier is always welcome!  Keeping track of the running of the home can often fall by the wayside but fear not, we have 5 nifty apps to share with you which will no doubt make your life a lot easier and you really now have no excuse not to keep things in order… 

1.           HomeRoutines

This genius of an app allows users to create routines with a variety of different occurrences.  The idea is that you set up different routines with a list of jobs; for example you may have “empty the dishwasher” and “feed the dog” in for twice a day, but “mop the floors” in for once a week.  You can even create seasonal routines – winter rain and mud may mean your floors require a little more TLC than in the summer time.  Each day the app sends you a reminder of what’s on your to-do list – whilst helping you to keep a track of everything, this app also ensures you that you’ll never forget to take the rubbish out again! 

2.           Hive

The core function of British Gas’s app Hive is that it gives the user the ability to control their heating and hot water on the go.  Imagine this, you finish work early and can’t wait to get home and snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea in front of the tv.  But, it’s freezing cold outside and your heating isn’t due to come on for another couple of hours.  With Hive, you can simply open the app and turn on the heating on so that when you get home, you are welcomed into a lovely warm home!  

Hive has however developed the app to do far more than just control your heating and hot water.  Hive Active Plug lets you control your electrical appliances from the app (a lifesaver for those of us that periodically fret about whether we left the hair straighteners on!) whilst Hive Active Light let you switch your lights on and off! In short, Hive is a techy home organisation lover’s dream, and ensures that wherever you are, you’re in control of your energy. 

3.           Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a list lover’s dream!  The whole point of this app is to create to dos and tick them off (oh the satisfaction of ticking them off!).  Whilst this app can be used for all sorts of topics, it’s particularly useful for keeping on top of your home.  Whether it’s your weekly shopping, or long term house goals this app keeps them all in one place.  You can filter tasks, see what’s due on any given day and star things that are urgent. 

This app also allows the user to invite others to join a list – whether it’s a list of essentials that need buying that you want to share with your flatmate, or jobs to be done around the house for the family to share.  

4.           Energy Apps

EDF, British Gas, SSE, Eon…the list goes on.  Almost all energy suppliers nowadays have apps.  Not the most exciting of our top 5, but still very useful!  Send your meter readings, take advantage of offers, pay your bills and check your usage on the go with your energy supplier’s app.  

5.           TaskRabbit

Sometimes even with all the technological help in the world there just aren’t enough hours in the week which is why TaskRabbit was invented!  Type in your task, and ‘taskers’ will send you their availability, services and price.  Whether it’s a mountain of ironing you just don’t have the energy to do, or a clean of your kitchen after a dinner party, with TaskRabbit there’s always someone who’s happy to help!

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