Some simple tips to consider when thinking of an extension

Do check if you require planning consent first before you embark on any building works

Ask the advice of a Party Wall Surveyor from the outset

Visualise what you want the end result to look like and discuss this with your contractor before works start

Inform your neighbours of your plans and keep them updated on the build, especially during the noisy works

Site visits are a must throughout the build process

Budget for the works as best as you can – we would advise getting 3 quotes and don’t forget those hidden extras

Recommendations for contractors is vital – ask to speak to previous clients if possible

Open dialog with your contractor is a must to ensure a smooth build and a good relationship

Weather conditions can cause delays in any build project, ensure you have a contingency plan

Not everyone is able to stay at home when the works are being undertaken, look into alternative accommodation during the works – remember to include the costs when setting your budget

For further information about any building works, please do contact one of our surveyors for professional help and advice.

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