Students: Finding Your Perfect Property

At Davis Brown Estate Agents, our offices in Fitzrovia are always busy in the summer helping students find the right property.  Whether it’s a four bedroom maisonette close to UCL or a stylish studio in Covent Garden we have got it covered.

As estate agents in W1, we know how daunting a task finding your first property can be, so we have prepared a short guide to take you from deciding who to live with through to signing the contract.


  1. Choosing who you should live with


Deciding who you want to live with whilst at university can be tough but it’s vital that you make the right choice.   As estate agents in W1, we have seen many friends move in together and it’s a fantastic way to split the bills whilst having fun! It is important though to choose like-minded people – if you are keen to study hard and head for a First, you don’t want to be sharing with the party animal of your year! For those of you that like your own space and are looking for a cosy little flat to work in, go for a studio with stylish storage solutions.


  1. When to start looking


Early! Hunting for your first flat is going to be fun, but probably a bit stressful too! As all estate agents in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia will tell you, rental property disappears fast – especially over summer and in the run up to September.  Get your exams out of the way and start looking in early July.  Register with some local estate agents in W1 and let them know what you are looking for.  Keep an eye on websites such as Rigthmove and OnTheMarket as well.


  1. Be realistic about what you can afford to spend


That swanky apartment by Fitzroy Place may only be £10 a week over budget, but will all add up! Sit down with your new house mates and work out how much you can afford a month, what your bills will be, and how you want to pay for things.


  1. Get your paperwork in order


When renting a property, most estate agents will require a copy of your passport, visa if applicable, a proof of current address and university acceptance letter.  Get organised and scan this all in so you have copies on your computer and print out a few spares.  You may also need a guarantor – make sure you have someone lined up if needs be, and get the same identification for them.  If you’re prepared, it will make it much easier to secure a property quickly.


  1. Viewing properties


You have found lots of suitable properties but now you’ve got to take a look at them.  If there are four of you moving in together the likelihood is it’s going to be almost impossible to get you all together at the same time to view all of your options.  The best idea is to send whoever is free so that you can view the properties as soon as possible and report back to your friends. As estate agents in W1, we know that rental properties don’t stay on the market for long in summer! You can take lots of videos and photos and discuss as a group and if you like it, you can arrange for all of you to go back together.


  1. Secure that property!

If you have found the perfect property, get your offer in and transfer your holding fee or deposit.  It is a good idea to get these monies available and ready nice and early, so that when you do find your property, you can secure it quickly.  As estate agents, Davis Brown have a tenants guide which provides you with information about this process, and it is essential that all of the prospective tenants know their obligations and rights before any money is transferred – pop into our offices in Fitzrovia if you have any questions!


  1. Move in

Once all of the administrative work is finalised and the agreement has been signed; it’s time to get moved in.  Normally, an inventory will take place and it’s a good idea to check through this after the report has been produced, so that you can add any comments.


  1. Enjoy

All that’s left to do now is enjoy your property! Davis Brown estate agents recommend that you work out a cleaning schedule amongst yourselves to keep the property in good order, and can recommend a company who works in central areas such as Fitzrovia and Covent Garden.


If you would like to find out more about rentals from September or have any questions about the process from offer to let, contact Emma or Sarah-Jane at Davis Brown Estate Agents, Fitzrovia.


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