Tenants allowed pets? Whatever next?!

Naughty dog home alone - yellow labrador retriever destroyed the plush toy and made a mess in the apartment

The Labour party have recently proposed that every tenant should have the right to keep a pet in their rented property. It is common practice for many Landlords to forbid pets within a property, and this can lead to eviction if terms are broken in the lease. This could end up being a vote-winning tactic by the Labour Party appealing to ‘the many’ that are unable to own a pet. The question is whether this is actually feasible and what would the actual consequences be if every tenant had the legal right to have a pet in their rented accommodation.

Every pet owner is aware of the amount of damage that can be caused, however well trained they may be. Taking this into account would the Landlord be able to charge a higher deposit to pet owners to cover the damage? As many may not declare owning a pet prior to moving or acquire one part way through the tenancy would this result in rental deposits increasing for all tenants so the Landlord can cover the damage at the end of the term? If so this could prevent people from moving into a new home as the initial rental costs become too high! If plans come into cap deposits, as has already been proposed, we may end up with some very unpleasant contaminated flea ridden properties. Let’s not forget that not everyone looks after their pet as well as you may do.

Pug dog having a siesta an resting in bed on a pillow on his back , tongue sticking out looking very funny and wrapped with blanket

For people out there who highly allergic to pets you could have a lot of thinking to do. You may have specifically chosen your apartment block or shared accommodation because of a strict ‘No Pets’ policy. Well sadly for you, this could no longer be the case so get prepared to find a new home if a pet owner moved in to the same building!

It is common for many Head leases to prohibit any pets within a block! This means that it is impossible, however hard a Government may try, to force the Landlord of the rental property to give permission for pet access, as they themselves are restricted by the over-riding Head lease. Has this been considered by those who made the proposal?

It can often be the case that tenants who can keep a pet are longer serving tenants, and often people are forced to give away their animals to rescue centres if they move into home where pet ownership is not allowed. Giving all tenants the right to have a pet therefore appears to be a very liberating concept. There are however, so many glaring pot-holes, some of which mentioned above, that this would likely create far more problems than it was actually worth.



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