The Cream of the (coffee bean) Crop!

Being hard working Estate Agents in the heart of W1 – the need for caffeine in our office is above average!    Hence we are well versed in the area’s growing number of coffee shops and of course have our favourites.  But unassumingly nestled in the heart of Soho there is a coffee shop which opened it’s doors no less than 128 years ago and has evolved to become one of the world’s best known suppliers of coffee (and tea!).  As Chartered Surveyors we love all sorts of buildings – modern and old, and this one piqued our interest as it still retains some of its original features such as the wooden shelving along the walls, as well as the original wooden counter and display case, all dating back to 1887 – this is not your generic coffee shop!  Come and visit us – your friendly Estate Agents  in Fitzrovia, then go grab yourself a coffee at the easy-on-the-wallet  Algerian Coffee  Store – a spot of history for locals and tourists alike.


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