The Madness of Summer!

Historically, late spring and the summer months are the busiest for Estate Agents in London. As the days get longer and the sun starts shining, demand in the London lettings market increases – school holidays are upon us, students are arriving and tenants spend time exploring their options. Based in Fitzrovia since 1901, Davis Brown Estate Agents have a wealth of experience behind us and we’d like to offer you a brief guide to navigating the property world in the manic summer months..

1.Think about your search criteria

Everyone loves a list so start by making one.  What would make your ‘perfect property’?  What is important to you and what are willing to compromise on?  The rental market moves quickly in the summer months so you’ll need to make sure time spent looking at a property is worth it.

  1. Make use of those long summer days and prepare!

Take advantage of the longer lighter days.  Are you interested in moving to a new area, or have you seen an apartment on a street you have never been to before?  Pop out after work or early in the morning and take a look around the area, is it somewhere you could see yourself commuting to and from every day?  Doing a recce in the location of a property before a viewing can help you decide if the important boxes are ticked.

  1. Make sure your paperwork is in order

Legislation on renting a property is ever changing so it’s essential that you are as prepared as possible for when you put down an offer on a property.  Agents now need to see original copies of your passports and visas (if applicable), along with proof of your address.  We recommend that you have all of this information to hand and keep an electronic copy on your phone.  Once you have an offer accepted, you can then get your identification over to your agents as soon as possible and secure that apartment.

  1. Get your finances in place

Nearly all estate agents will require a holding deposit to secure a property.  Once the holding deposit has cleared in the agents account, the property will usually be reserved and marked as ‘under offer’.  It’s a good idea to have the cash ready in your bank account to send to the agent as soon as your offer has been accepted on a property – time spent transferring monies from one account to another etc. will only delay you in securing that property.

  1. Don’t delay!

Try not to wait too long to make a decision.  The chances are that someone else has also seen it and likes it too.  With a higher demand, it important to understand that properties are rented quickly and we wouldn’t want you to lose out!

If you are looking for a property to rent this summer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Emma or Sarah-Jane from the Davis Brown Residential Department on 0207 637 1066.


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