The Queen of the Forest – Christmas in Trafalgar Square

Each Christmas everyone seems to have the dilemma of when is appropriate to put up their tree.   We here at Davis Brown Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents in Fitzrovia got in the Christmas spirit early and our tree was up and looking pretty at the end of November – I know, I know…    However delightful our little tree is, the most celebrated of all the Christmas trees in London – without argument, is the soaring Norwegian spruce in Trafalgar Square.


Ever thought about the origins of this magnificent tree? Well if you didn’t know, let me enlighten you – the story behind it is a story of friendship and solidarity between two countries.  A yearly gift from the city of Oslo to the city of Westminster, it was first given in 1947 to commemorate the British support for Norway during the Second World War.

The ceremony during the felling of the tree has also been a tradition for many a year.  A few English school children join several groups of Norwegian school children in a silent forest just outside Oslo.  Everyone is drinking and eating, holding hands and singing while the tree is felled.   The tree is a “she” and she’s usually around 45 years old and 30 feet tall. She’s is not left to fall but respectfully lifted skywards by a crane, and the journey to London begins.  Erected on 1st December, the Queen of the Forest (as she is known) comes to life again as the hundreds of white lights adorning it are switched on.   Well worth a visit over the Christmas period.

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