The Rag (s to riches) Trade

Just a stone’s throw from Oxford Street – one of the busiest streets in the world, is the home of what once was the hub of the rag trade – Fitzrovia. Davis Brown estate agents are also based in Fitzrovia so we’re pretty au fait with its fascinating history.

Once upon a time the rattle of metal clothes rails wheeling along the concrete pavements would ring out through the area where clothes would be transported from show room to lorry, to up and down the country, where they would be supplied to high street stores. They were also taken to docks where hundreds and thousands of garments were shipped abroad to Spain, Japan and even the Caribbean.

As every Londonite knows Fitzrovia is an area quickly growing in popularity, coffee shops and galleries are moving in at a rapid rate, but remnants of its historical roots are still very much here to see. Charlotte Street hotel gives a nod to the rag trade by displaying tailors’ dummies in each room, and if you wander around the likes of Eastcastle Street, Great Titchfield Street and Margaret Street you will see that they are still peppered with a number of small independent tailors.  The atmosphere must have rubbed off on some of our employees as I must say that there are a few snappy dressers here at Davis Brown Estate Agents W1 !

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