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Mortgage Survey

This type of survey is typically conducted on a property prior to purchase. A mortgage survey involves inspecting the property in order to determine how much it is worth and to note any major works which are necessary. The primary purpose of a mortgage survey is to provide enough information to the mortgage lender so that they can determine whether the property is safe to lend on and up to what amount. The survey will take into account comparable prices in the locality as well as the minimum reinstatement value, which is the minimum cost to re-build the property in the event that it is destroyed. Mortgage advisers are best suited to new build properties or properties which have previously had a more in depth type of survey carried out.

HomeBuyer Survey

Much like a mortgage survey, a HomeBuyer Survey includes a valuation, re-build valuation, a description of the property and identifies visible defects, however this type of survey also includes a more in depth survey which aims to identify less obvious and sometimes hidden defects of a property. A HomeBuyer survey is typically recommended when purchasing a property which is less than 100 years old and doesn’t have any unusual or abnormal features.

Building Survey (Formerly Full Structural Survey)

This is the most detailed type of survey available and covers all aspects of a property in great depth. Building surveys tend to be best suited for old, unusual, listed, timber framed etc. properties. A Building Survey is also recommended if you are planning to carry out major works to your property.  The survey will check every element of the property and provide advice on repairs, estimated timings, costs and will advise what could happen in the event that defective elements are left untreated. A Building Survey is a lot more comprehensive and provides a more in depth analysis of the property’s condition than a HomeBuyer report, it is important to note however that a Building Survey does not typically include mortgage valuations.

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