Tips For A Tidy Home

Keeping on top of a tidy home – especially with messy inhabitants (spouse, kids, pets) can be a bit of a challenge.   You start off the week with every good intention of keep it spik and span but we all know that can go to pot quite easily.  The weather change and half term looming can strike fear into the most organised of people at this time of year – even Mary Poppins might struggle, but fear not, Davis Brown has come to the rescue yet again with a few easy tweaks.


It might sound simple but make your bed as soon as you get up –that’s one job down immediately!


Organise your outfit the night before, that way you avoid the stress and likely mess resulting from a last minute wardrobe panic!  Hang your clothes up as soon as you step out of them (as opposed to dumping them on the floor and creating a mess.)


Clear the kitchen of clutter and do the washing up in the evening;  I don’t know about you but if I’m faced with a piles of washing up  in the morning it puts me in a very bad mood!  Plus you don’t need to use much elbow grease to get rid of greasy pots and pans straight after use – leaving it until the morning; well you’re just asking for trouble!


Start a wash cycle as soon as you get home, this will give you time to dry and put away all the laundry before you go to bed.


Clean as you go along.  A little bit each day stops any sizeable build-up of grime and dirt so you won’t be faced with a huge unsurmountable task at the end of the week.   It’s helpful to keep a squeegee in the bathroom so you can clean your shower screen after each use.

Bags, keys & coats

Keep them all in the same spot so you can simply grab and go!


Got a furry pet whose moulting tons of hair?  Just run a squeegee over rugs to draw out hair and fluff in seconds, or get yourself a rubber brush – this ingenious thing can be used on carpets, tiles and wooden floors and windows.  And while we’re on the subject of pets – dirty dogs…oh the pure dread of coming back home after a muddy walk with the pup!  Get yourself a Dogrobe – an easy and quick way to dry your dog and keep him warm at the same time, you just pop it on and it does the work for you!


Purge….ruthlessly (I’m not suggesting getting rid of your kids, just some of their belongings).  Piles and piles of unused toys and clothes can easily build up over a short space of time, so why not take one toy and piece of clothing each week that your children have grown out of to a charity shop?

“The best way to get something done is to begin it.”  Said somebody wise.


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