Urban Myth?

On your wanders around Westminster, have you ever noticed that each lamp post in the borough has 2 letter Cs interlocking, painted in gold on a black background?  Seeing as our office is slap bang in the middle of the City of Westminster, (Fitzrovia to be exact) it’s amazing how few people at Davis Brown have actually noticed this!  Having said that, our Estate Agents aren’t known to dawdle …


You would be forgiven for thinking this was the world renowned Coco Chanel logo, but is this really homage to the iconic French designer or just a piece of architectural design?  It’s true that the Duke of Westminster was madly in love with Coco in the ’20s, and it was rumoured that he decided to put her logo on all the lights around Westminster to show how she lit up his life. Well, I feel I’m about to disappoint all you romantics out there, but this lettering is also rumoured to merely mean “City Council”.  I know, how extremely un-glamorous!  There is also another, for want of a better word – squiggle, some might say, an elaborate letter W on all these lamp posts too, could this be the W from Duke of Westminster, or could it be the W from Westminster City Council?


Whatever you choose to believe, Coco Chanel’s spirit is still alive & kicking with her fashion legacy,  lamp post or no lamp post.



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