“Why I chose a traditional agent over an online agent”

Handing over the house keys from one person to another.

“When the time came for me to sell my home, the dilemma of instructing an agent is hard enough, and with the rise of the online agent who charges a fraction of the price of a traditional high street agent, at the time it seemed a very tempting choice so that’s the route I decided to take.  Online agents will organise marketing materials such as photos and floorplans and the property is listed on property portals such as Rightmove & Zoopla.  All you have to do as the vendor is conduct the viewings, negotiate the price and boom – your property is sold!  Is all sounded so appealing and simple, I was sold!  Moving along a little further into the process and the difficulties started to appear; once my flat was listed I started to receive viewing requests, potential buyers wanted to view at all times of the day which is particularly inconvenient if you have a full time job. Buyers can also be very critical with their opinions, and this is not what you want to hear about your pride and joy (yes I am VERY house proud!).  And then there was dealing with the offers, which was to say the very least, a bit of a nightmare!   I soon came to realise my decision to use an online agent was the wrong one and as the enquiries dropped off, I decided to instruct a traditional agent (Davis Brown) to manage the sale.    

Only then did I start to realise all the invaluable work that traditional agents put in behind the scenes to help you sell your home.   First and foremost there is the personal touch – they talk to you and are there each and every step of the way; they take the pressure off when you simply don’t have the knowledge, energy or time to give to selling your property.   They have negotiating skills, they know where and how to market the property, and they act as leverage between the buyer and the seller.  They have the knowledge of the local area – what has sold and for how much, which properties have got planning permission – the list goes on, but to put it simply they have the experience that I didn’t!    

I have heard some horror stories about agents in the past, and this was why I decided initially to go down the online route, but if you take your time to find an experienced, professional agent it will honestly take a huge chunk of stress out of selling your home!”

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